BANGOR — The following area students earned academic recognition for the 2015 fall semester dean’s list at Husson University.


MaKayla Leeman and Anastasia Paine-Paradis, both of Anson; Rachael Brown, of Appleton; Hannah Ainslie, Noah Gallagher, Shaun Gallagher, Aaron Haynes and Laurel Whipkey, all of Augusta; Morgan Clifford, of Brooks; Lea Cone, of Chelsea; Courtney Smart, of Cornville; Sarah Atwater and Andrew Levensalor, both of Dexter.

Also, Brooke Holmquist, of Dixfield; Jade Landry and Tennyson Martin, both of Fairfield; Addison Gagnon and Kayla Royer, both of Greene; Elise Littlefield, of Hartland; Sadie Bishop, of Jackman;

Kendra Page and Thomas Ventrella, both of Jay; Katelyn Ross, of Liberty; Tiffany Camire, Daniel Moreshead and Kirsten Wood, all of Madison; Ethan Bickford, Erin Dovinsky and Devin West, all of Monmouth.

Also, Victoria Mullin, of Norridgewock; Darian Hughes and Lucas Wallace, both of Oakland; Skye Pearl and Jonathan Smith, both of Palmyra; Audrey Tulloss, of Rangeley; Macy Mansir, of Sidney; Hunter Clark, Alyssa Doucette, Natasha Thompson and Ali York, all of Skowhegan; Heather Lupo, of Smithfield; Hallee Breton, Shayla Pillow and Sarah Stevens, all of South China.

Also, Tasha Dutil and Meghan Farrell, both of Vassalboro; Abigail Vail, of Waldoboro; Miranda Shepherd-Bussiere, of Waterville; Dale Stewart, of West Gardiner; Dylan Atkins, Marissa Charette and Megan Richards, all of Winslow; Scott Peacock, of Winthrop; Brandon Delano, Kayla Gordon and Joshua Reed, all of Wiscasset.

Students who make the pesident’s list must carry at least 12 graded credit hours during the semester and earn a grade-point average of between 3.80 to 4.0 during the period.


Lelia Belanger, Emily Bowers, Shayne Brown, Michayla Dostie, Lauren Raymond and Tabitha Willman, all of Augusta; Kristopher Ravin, of Brooks; Samuel Jandreau and Zoe Mather, both of China, ME is a freshman who is enrolled in Husson’s BS in Kinesiology-Human Movement Science/Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Also, Lindsay Whitney, of Corinna; Anthony McLaughlin, of Dexter; Todd Bautista and Grace Hebert, both of Dixfield;Danielle Lefebvre, of Freedom; Isabella Bouchard, of Gardiner; Brian Allen, of Hallowell.

Also, Alexii West, of Jay; Nicholas Maney and Kyleigh Plourde, both of Jefferson; Matthew Soucy, of Madison; BreAnna Dunbar, of Manchester; Kasey Smith, of Monmouth; Abbie Aspinall, of Mount Vernon; Kaitlin Brewer, Taylor Lovley and Jennifer Wilson, all of Newport.

Also, Makaela Michonski and Amanda Saucier, both of Norridgewock; Benjamin Bolstridge, of North Monmouth; Megan Mahoney, of Palermo; Emily Randall, of Palmyra; Arthur Ryan, of Phillips Molly James, of Readfield.

Also, Cailee Manzer, Anne-Marie Provencal and Sydney Rea, all of Skowhegan; Christina Belanger, of South China; Brett Martin, of Topsham; Patricia Lyons, of Troy; Justin Martin, of Vassalboro; Emily Novak-Vrooma, of West Gardiner; Caleb Cummings and Destiny Silcott, both of Windsor.

Also, Christine Parrilli, Logan Vashon and Molly Ware, all of Winslow.

Students who make the dean’s list must carry at least 12 graded credit hours during the semester and earn a grade-point average of between 3.60 to 3.79 during the period.


Mikayla Toth, of Athens; Erin Bolduc, Bret LaForge and Shayna Perkins, all of Augusta; Mary-Anne MacArthur, of Canaan; Nicholas Young, of Carthage; Victor Klinkerch, of China Village; Whitney Arno and Adam Conway, both of Dexter.

Also, Cody St Germain and Brady Welch, both of Dixfield; Spencer Folsom, of Fairfield; Olivia Maynard, of Farmingdale; Ethan Levesque, of Jackman; Jahna Couture and Randi Duguay, both of Jay; Alexis Prescott and Mariah Ross, both of Liberty.

Also, Matthew Martin and Kaleb Sturtevant, both of Litchfield; Samuel Chabot, of Livermore Falls; Hanna Shaw, of Manchester; Kimberlee Lewis, of Monmouth, ME is a freshman who is currently enrolled in Husson’s BS in Health Sciences program.

Mikhaila Necevski, of Oakland; Christopher Rainville, of Pittsfield; Alexander Nivus, of Pittston; Matthew LaRou, of Rome; Kaitlin LaCroix and Anthony Toneatti, both of Solon; Nicole Scharer, of South China.

Also, Adam Pelletier, of Vassalboro; Amy Hilton, of Wilton; Alysia Nawfel, of Windsor; Raquel Gibbs of Winslow.

Honors list students must carry at least 12 graded credit hours during the semester and earn a grade-point average of between 3.4 to 3.59 during the period.

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