NEW YORK — In one of the more elaborate and unexpected spoofs of Donald Trump, Johnny Depp has joined the ranks of the combed-over, starring in a mock documentary released the morning after the candidate’s primary victory in New Hampshire.

The comedy website Funny or Die on Wednesday unveiled “Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie,” a 50-minute video styled as Trump’s own self-made TV movie adaptation of his 1987 best-selling advice book.

The film, shot clandestinely, stars Depp as Trump in a startling transformation for even the actor known for outlandish metamorphoses, like the Mad Hatter and Whitey Bulger.

Along with Depp’s leading performance, the movie is narrated by Ron Howard, features a theme song from Kenny Loggins and includes a cast of Alfred Molina, Jack McBrayer, Patton Oswalt, Stephen Merchant, Henry Winkler and Andy Richter.

With ’80 video graphics, “The Art of the Deal” is presented as written, directed and edited by Trump himself – a relic of earlier brand-building propaganda by the businessman, long before his turn into politics.

“Successful people are always on the phone – even if there’s no one on the other end,” the fake Trump lectures a boy in one scene.

“The Art of the Deal: The Movie,” was first planned in August, when many didn’t expect Trump’s ascendance to last into the primaries.

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