UNITY — The Ghosts of Johnson City — a Maine-based band with musical roots in Appalachia and the Deep South — will perform at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12, at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets cost $15, and are available at the door or online.

The band seeks to take listeners on a musical journey to some of the darkest hollows of America’s greatest historical calamities and personal tragedies, from the battlefields of the Civil War and deepest Kentucky coal mines to the whaling grounds of the North Atlantic.

The group presents simple and soulful versions of old mountain music, Civil War songs, coal-mining melodies, disaster chronicles, haunting murder ballads and tunes of love and loss in times of poverty.

The Ghosts of Johnson City joins the Mallett Brothers Band, Rustic Overtones, the Ghost of Paul Revere and several other Maine musical favorites that have performed inside the UCCPA’s intimate 200-seat theater in the past few months, making the UCCPA a quintessential venue for homegrown Maine musical artists.

For more information, call 509-7164 or email [email protected].

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