New wildfires broke out Sunday in Maine even though winds that had whipped up brush fires across the state for the past few days had died down.

The Maine Forest Rangers reported Sunday afternoon on Twitter that there were small fires in Scarborough, Kennebunkport, Orono, Pembroke and Prentiss Township. Brush fires were also reported Sunday evening in New Portland, Monmouth, Hanover and Hampden.

The National Weather Service office in Gray said that while conditions were still very dry Sunday, the absence of winds and gusts up to 25 mph eased conditions.

“We don’t have the winds, (but) the fire danger in the Portland area is still very high,” said Margaret Curtis, a meteorologist with the weather service.

On Sunday, the Maine Forest Service reported that the coastal area between Camden and Kittery, including Portland, was in a “very high” risk area for wildfires. All other areas of Maine, except for northeastern Aroostook County, were in high risk areas.

Sunday’s ratings were all downgraded from being red flag areas Saturday – the highest wildfire danger rating. The red alert conditions are not expected back in the next few days as winds should remain calm.

The weather service discouraged municipalities from issuing burn permits Sunday and many communities followed that advice, dispatchers said.

There is a chance for showers Monday night into Tuesday, which could further ease dry conditions, according to the weather service.

The dry conditions and wind triggered fires across the state at the end of last week, including a fire that burned 60 acres in Old Orchard Beach on Friday. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of that fire, which threatened apartment and condominium complexes before it was extinguished.

Old Orchard Beach Fire Chief Ricky Plummer said aerial photos taken by a Maine Forest Service helicopter on Saturday revealed that Friday’s fire burned 60 acres, not the 28 acres that was originally reported.

There were also brush fires Saturday in Bridgton, Wells and several other towns in Maine.

Staff Writer Dennis Hoey contributed to this report.