BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Harry Connick Jr. has recorded, toured, performed in movies and sitcoms, starred on Broadway and, in the process, charmed nearly everyone he meets.

Now he’s launching a syndicated daytime talk-variety show, appropriately titled, “Harry,” and his reason why is simple.

“I love to entertain and I’ve done so many things throughout my career that have fulfilled me, I felt like this would be an opportunity to do all the things I love to do under one roof,” Connick told TV writers Wednesday at the summer Television Critics Association meeting. “I’ll get to experience the entertainment business in a new way.”

Music will play an important role on the New York-based series, and the nine-member group with which he tours and records will serve as his house band.

But they won’t be plugging in songs in a formulaic fashion, he promised.

“Music’s gonna be done in a whole bunch of ways – spontaneous ways,” he said. “Sometimes we’ll play, just cause we feel like playing.”

And when it comes to talking with his guests, Connick said he’ll be doing it off-the-cuff, eschewing the usual talk-show practice of the “pre-interview” (where a producer chats up each guest beforehand, then prepares a list of talking points for the host).

“That way, there’s this undercurrent of rehearsal,” said Connick. “I just want to have conversations.”

“Harry” premieres Sept. 12 (check local listings).

– From news service reports