Portland has already had four days this year when the temperature was at or above 90 degrees, and there is likely at least one more on the way.

Three of those days came in July, the most since 2013, when there were five.

While it’s been a hot season and it’s certainly not over yet, I can make some definitive statements about this summer’s heat.

In the summer of 1955, also a dry year, there were 16 days that reached or exceed 90 in Portland.  That record certainly won’t be broken. While it is going to be hot Thursday and Friday, I don’t see the 90-degree weather lasting for three days, which would make an official heat wave. There’s a chance we reach 90 again Friday for two in a row.

After this heat, reaching that temperature milestone is going to become increasingly difficult.

The reason, of course, is the loss of daylight and the lower sun angle.  We are rapidly losing daylight at the rate of over 17 minutes a week.  This, more than any other factor, will put a cap on reaching 90 degrees for many more days.

September can bring 90-degree days.  The most ever was in 2007 at three, but more typically we don’t hit 90 in most of Maine during September.  It’s never hit 90 in October.

Whether you love or loathe the heat, you might want to know how many more 90-degree days are ahead.

After Saturday, the weather appears to return to more seasonable warmth.

Looking further ahead, the period from Aug. 20 until the end of the month shows signs of above-average temperatures.  I could assume, perhaps, one day that may reach the 90 mark, but it’s more likely we don’t.

Temperature outlook for August 17th-23rd

Temperature outlook for Aug. 17-23

For September, longer-range models are forecasting cooler-than-average weather to take hold. Even if the weather is average, 90-degree days are highly unlikely in a cool pattern.

After Friday, it’s likely Portland’s total 90-degree days for the summer of 2016 will stand at five or perhaps six.

My best estimate is that when the summer and early fall have passed us by the number will stand at between five and seven. So for those of you who don’t like the heat, it’s almost over. And if you like the heat, you’d better enjoy it because the hot days are numbered.

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