Columnist Don Roberts’ latest excursion into political hyperbole (“The socialist assault on America,” July 30) offers convincing proof that an addiction to Fox News cannot only cloud one’s judgement but, over time, actually destroy brain cells. Like Donald Trump, Roberts appears to believe that if he can scare readers by working the words “socialist,” “socialistic,” and “radical left” into his column, no one will notice his gross exaggerations and factual misstatements.

And, of course, Roberts certainly wants us to ignore the fact that he is supporting a candidate for president who is not merely totally unqualified, but temperamentally and morally unfit for the office. We all know that Trump feels no shame, whether mocking a disabled reporter, mocking Sen. John McCain for being captured in Vietnam, or attacking the family of an American soldier who gave his life in Iraq. Has Roberts no shame for promoting a modern-day “Know Nothing” for president?

It is obvious why Roberts is anxious to avoid any discussion of Trump’s qualifications to be president of the United States. He has none. The man is a total fraud. Roberts’ “successful” outsider has gone through four bankruptcies, stiffed his contractors, defrauded students at his “university,” and made a game of firing people.

Is Trump really worth $10 billion? We may never know, since he refuses to release his tax returns. What else is he hiding? Business deals with Russia? Stinginess to charities? Tax evasion?

John R. Merrill


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