This is the first weekend of the fall when Portland will no longer enjoy a 7 p.m. hour sunset.  We are losing daylight at just about the fastest rate of the entire year.  Over the next two weeks more than 40 minutes of possible sunlight will fade as the autumnal equinox arrives.

This past week’s weather has been influenced by the circulation of Hermine. Now that she is gone, the weather will return to a pattern of quicker changes.   Today’s near-90 degree heat is likely the hottest day of the rest of the year. While I can’t predict this with 100% certainty, it is a good bet you won’t see the mercury this high again until next spring or summer.

Temperatures Friday will approach 90 degrees for perhaps the final time this year

Temperatures Friday will approach 90 degrees for perhaps the final time this year

Over the weekend a frontal system or two will pass the area and with it a few showers are possible.  These won’t be widespread enough to cancel any outdoor plans, but you should be aware of the possibility.  Showers are most likely to begin Saturday late afternoon or evening and end Sunday late morning or early afternoon.   Look for temperatures within a few degrees of seasonal averages which are in the mid-70s.  The highest chance of rain is from midnight Saturday until noon Sunday.

If you’re going hiking, biking, or running…

The humidity won’t be as oppressive as we’ve felt recently, but you will still notice it in the air.  Expect temperatures in the mid-70s  Saturday and upper-70s Sunday.   To avoid showers, plan on Saturday and Sunday afternoon as the absolute driest time, but if showers occur Sunday morning, they won’t last long.

If you’re going beaching and boating…

This isn’t a bad weekend for the beach.  Tides are high on east-facing beaches about 7 o’clock each morning and evening.  Check your local tide charts for the exact time.  Water temperatures are  cooler than last weekend because Hermine stirred up the water so much.  Winds will be light onshore Saturday, becoming more southwest, then northwest for Sunday morning and afternoon.   The sunniest periods will be Saturday midday and Sunday afternoon. Skies will be changeable Saturday so you could see a lot of sunshine at your local beach, but others will have more clouds.

It will be cool along the coast Saturday

It will be cool along the coast Saturday

If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…

Saturday’s forecast:  Showers should not be an issue on Saturday with a blend of clouds and sunshine.  However, keep an eye on the radar in the afternoon and evening for showers developing over western areas.  The timing may be close whether you see any rain before dark.  In the early morning, there could be wet grass from dew.

Sunday’s outlook: After about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m Sunday I expect any showers to be gone.  The air will dry out during the day.  It will feel most humid in the morning.   Temperatures may reach 80 degrees but most likely will stay in the 70s.

A land breeze Sunday afternoon should help boost temperatures well into the 70s

A land breeze Sunday afternoon should help boost temperatures well into the 70s

If you’re gardening…

Be sure to water any newly planted seeds and/or lawn.  With the lower sun angle it doesn’t take as much water to keep things moist.

If you’re running errands…

Neither day is much different this weekend.  Showers could occur Saturday evening and again Sunday morning, but not all the time.  The sunniest and driest part of the weekend is Sunday afternoon.  Get the errands done so you can relax and enjoy the nice weather.

If you’re going to a concert, outdoor party, or wedding…

You may have noticed the word showers throughout this blog.  Take an umbrella with you if you are headed out this weekend and keep an eye to the latest forecasts.   There will be more specifics on timing of any rain throughout the weekend.

I will be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom throughout the weekend.


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