It’s the final weekend of October and the last weekend before we set the clocks back to standard time. And good news: You can expect an improvement tomorrow after this morning’s heavy rain and snow in the higher elevations.

The weekend won’t be rain free. Today is a wet day, especially this morning. Watch for strong winds, with scattered power outages possible. I expect both Saturday and Sunday not to be as wet, but afternoon showers are likely Saturday, especially in the hills and mountains.

Strong winds today could cause scattered power outages

Strong winds today could cause scattered power outages.

Temperatures won’t be as cold this weekend as the past few days have been – it’s felt more like November or even early December. I actually see a return to more seasonable or even warmer-than-average weather next week.
If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…
The evidence of the heavy rain today will take a while to disappear because of the lower sun angle and cooler air, so fields could have puddles Saturday before things dry up. A weather system Saturday may bring some showers, but this is not written in stone. Watch for wet grass, as well, which can always cause injuries.  Sunday will have a blend of clouds and sunshine, but still the risk of a shower that can create wet surfaces quickly.

Saturday's afternoon temperatures will be typical for late October

Saturday’s afternoon temperatures will be typical for late October.

If you’re heading to a local farm to celebrate Halloween, ride a pony, and eat cider doughnuts…
If you’re taking advantage of local farms’ Halloween festivities, note that temperatures will be in the low to perhaps mid-50s on both days and will feel like late October. Any rain on Saturday will be quite light and brief.

Sunday will be a few degrees cooler, but still seasonable.

Sunday will be a few degrees cooler, but still seasonable.

If you are going hiking, biking, or running…
Temperatures will be ideal either day for getting outside. If I had to pick, Saturday will likely be the drier of the two days. On Sunday, watch for afternoon showers, along with a blend of clouds and sunshine. The rain won’t be heavy, but could be enough to create issues if you want to stay totally dry.
If you’re skiing…
You can already ski in New England this season. Call ahead before making the trek north to any specific resort. Temperatures are coldest early, and the best skiing is in the morning.
If you’re gardening…
You can still move plants this time of year. However, I don’t recommend moving hemlocks or ornamental grasses, as they can take too long to become established and, if we do have a cold November, damage may occur.
If you’re running errands…
Either day is going to be similar, the risk of showers is also about the same both days.  It’s greater on Saturday north of Portland and greater Sunday south.
If you’re going to a concert, outdoor party, or wedding…
There might be a few showers either day, so plan on an indoor alternative if you are having guests over.

I will be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom throughout the weekend.

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