GARDINER — Work by Margo Ogden will be featured Dec. 2-Jan. 19 at Monkitree Gallery, 263 Water St. An opening reception is set for 5:30-8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 2.

As a painter who uses an etching press as a tool, Ogden employs a process of laying down individual inked squares in a grid then works back into each with ink and tools until a satisfying image emerges. Ogden became hooked on printing and painting squares when she and her son collaborated. He would create a digital print which she would then print and paint into. It was through this process that Margo began her fascination with grid work.

In her current body of work, Margo inks 4×4 squares and carefully lays them into a pre-drawn pencil grid. A process she says is like a puzzle, “I have found that as one color goes down I need to leave that square in place while I put other colors down. This make the process even more like a game; what color is under which board.” After the prints are down and dry she works back into them adding both color and texture.

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