Fashion blogger Laura Michaud taught herself how to sew. When she started working on mastering seams and corners, she realized she was actually making pocket squares – those stylish pieces of fabric men tuck into a suit jacket pocket to add a little flair.

Voila, a business was born.

The Maine Square website launched 10 months ago and features a plethora of pocket square designs by Michaud, who usually caters to women. “Men need some more fashion opportunities, especially Maine men,” she said.

Pocket squares tucked into a nice casual jacket help a guy step it up a notch. For men who hate wearing ties, pocket squares are a godsend. “Skip the tie,” Michaud says, “and you still look very polished.”

Michaud’s squares come pre-folded into a one-point fold, or consult her website for tips on more elaborate folding. She also offers monogramming and embroidery – think embroidered hockey sticks, or a football. (Monogrammed squares are popular groomsmen gifts.) Designs that are customer favorites include lobsters, pine trees, deer and anchors.

The pocket squares are available online only, and cost $25-$28. Monogramming is $10 extra, embroidery $20 extra.

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