A state police bomb disposal team spent several hours Wednesday night removing a bazooka shell from a condominium parking lot in Topsham.

Police were notified in the late afternoon Wednesday of what appeared to be a military bazooka round left near a parking lot of the Merrymeeting condominium complex on Munroe Lane.

Residents of more than a dozen condominiums off Monroe Lane were asked to not leave their homes for several hours while crews retrieved the device, which was found late Wednesday afternoon by someone walking in the area.

A state police bomb robot picked up the bazooka round, placed it inside a protective trailer and bomb technicians trucked it to a nearby gravel pit, where police determined the round was an inert training round and contained no explosives.

State Police do not know where the round came from or who left it there. The Fire Marshal’s Office said it suspected it was left by someone who didn’t know what to do with it.