The final few days of March will be more typical for the season, unlike the first three weeks of this month that saw colder than average and snowier than average weather.

Today we find a frontal system moving through, bringing rain and some isolated icing to the area.  Temperatures are below freezing over most of the interior and therefore a freezing rain advisory is posted.  Untreated surfaces will be very slick. Remember, while this isn’t a big ice storm, it takes only a thin glaze to cause major travel issues.

Greater Portland will remain above freezing with no icing issues Monday. NOAA-Gray Office

The steadiest precipitation will occur this morning into the afternoon and then taper off this evening.  Notice on the loop below how the blue, pink and green areas progress.  These represent areas of snow, ice and rain respectively.  This is a computer model, so it won’t be 100 percent correct, but the overall pattern and the likelihood of snow in far northern Maine along with coastal rain and a mix in the middle is basically correct.

A mixed bag of precipitation moves through the area today. Tropical Tidbits

Another weather system will bring an additional chance of rain on Tuesday afternoon and evening.  This system is moving up from the south. The exact track and strength of this system will determine if we just see light showers or a steadier rain, but there will not be any frozen precipitation with this warmer system.

Rainfall today and Tuesday could amount to between half and three-quarters of an inch. (Courtesy NOAA)

Rainfall today and Tuesday could amount to between half and three-quarters of an inch. (Courtesy NOAA)

Wednesday through Friday is going to be seasonably mild and dry.  This is when more snow will be melting and some  fields will once again become exposed.   It will take a bit of time for things to dry out and there is another weather system possible for the weekend.

On Saturday a third area of precipitation this week will approach from the south. It’s too early to say how much precipitation we’ll  see, but it could be enough to make Saturday quite wet or even white over the interior.  This storm could stay to the south as well and bypass northern New England if cold high pressure builds in from the north and keeps things on the drier side. More rain is likely as we begin April in what’s appearing to be a wetter pattern than we’ve typically seen the past couple of springs.  Whether this continues through April is guesswork at this point.

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