Hallowell voters are being asked to approve a bond issue that will benefit the entire city. Sadly, some in opposition insist on misstating facts and casting aspersions. Patricia Connors in her letter to the editor April 18 (”Hallowell should vote no on bundled bond”) asserted that $600,000 of the bond package is a gift to Matt Morrill, the developer of Stevens Commons. This is not true. She further argues that the bond as put forth by the Hallowell City Council takes away voters’ right to choose and “gives our taxes to a private individual.” Again, untrue, regardless of how many times she says it.

Voters in Hallowell chose seven councilors to conduct the city’s business. The council studied the city’s transportation and infrastructure needs. After careful consideration and significant public input, they developed a comprehensive plan for what I believe will be a wise investment of public resources.

The bond includes funding for the city’s portion of Water Street reconstruction, developing additional downtown parking, repairing roads in rural areas of Hallowell and stabilizing our oldest public building, the Town Hall, now fire station. Morrill asked the Council to include funds for rebuilding roads, adding sidewalks, and other infrastructure improvements at Stevens Commons in the bond package.

Morrill would deed the roadways to the city along with 8 acres of land adjacent to Howard Hill reserve. This guarantees public access to the recreation area in perpetuity. He would place an additional 20 acres under a conservation easement. The city’s investment will be in city-owned property, that’s the law.

Voters need facts not fiction to guide our decision making on this important issue.

Robert McIntire


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