I  was in spin class early this morning when the instructor said, “Have a great day. It’s going to rain the rest of week.”

“No it’s not!” I shouted out and proceeded to explain why.

There were clouds this morning, but the trend will be for clearing to take place. Any rain remains hundreds of miles south of New England and a couple of areas of low pressure will move south of Maine for the next couple days, leaving us in and out of sunshine but generally dry.


On Thursday, another storm will approach the region from the southwest. This system promises to bring showers and even a steady rain later Thursday and Friday. The morning hours Thursday are likely dry with the evening commute expected to be wet. The rain continues into Friday, but how much rain and for how long it will last still need to be worked out.

This storm is going to develop into another coastal one, meaning cooler than average temperatures for both Thursday and Friday. With all the clouds and showers, Friday temperatures along the coast likely won’t get above 60 degrees.

Clouds and rain spin towards Maine later this week. Tropical Tidbits


As long as the system for the end of the work week keeps on moving, we should have a nice start to the holiday weekend with at least partial sunshine, no rain and highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s.

The actual Memorial Day forecast is still too far away to be reliable in such an active pattern, but expect a return to clouds and a chance of showers as another storm approaches from the west.

Thus far precipitation in May has been ever so slightly under average, but we will likely be a bit wetter than average at the end of the three-day weekend.


One aspect of the forecast I can guarantee this weekend is big tides. Starting Wednesday night, there will be several tides over 11 feet in Portland and other harbors across Maine.

While the highest of the two daily tides occur mainly at night this weekend, the daylight tides will also be high, which might make putting in your dock or boat a bit easier.

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