Mainely Custard, a Freeport institution known for its ultra-creamy frozen custard (that’s ice cream with eggs) and soft serve, will open a second shop in Kennebunk in July, co-owner Rebecca Gagnon said.

The date is still to be determined, but the location will be 2 Morning Walk Lane in Kennebunk, a mini-plaza that includes art galleries.

“We have a target date, but we are not telling anyone that because we are afraid we might not make it,” Gagnon said. “Because we just closed on Friday with the property so it is kind of a mad scramble to get all the certificates.”

Gagnon has owned Mainely Custard on Route 1 with her parents, Lisa and Jim, since 2015, although she worked at the ice cream and adjacent Classic Cookout for about eight years with the previous owners, Deb and Roger Bowdoin. She said the Gagnons started considering other locations last winter and fell in love with the Kennbunk location.

They’ll be bringing the daily flavors and eggy frozen custard with them – chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, their best-seller – as well as the soft-serve, which gets its richness from a 10 percent milk-fat milk, she said. In the future, they may also sell pizza. “But that is in the very far future,” Gagnon said.

– Mary Pols

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