Stress Free Moose Pub, Greenville


Enroute to our north woods camp, traveling down the street in Greenville looking for lunch, the Stress Free Moose Pub and Cafe stood out, both for the number of vehicles in the parking lot and the beautiful building. Stepping inside to check out the menu, we were astonished by the interior walls, featuring the open ends of logs.

But it was the menu that led us to take a seat here. It’s lengthy, with lots of choices for appetizers, sandwiches, steak and fish dishes, and more, along with low prices. I opted for a glass of Allagash Black ($6) and a pastrami reuben ($9.95). The pastrami was very lean, and the sauerkraut and dressing added lots of taste. The sandwich was massive and I ended up taking some of it along to camp. How often do you have leftovers from lunch?

On our way out, I stopped to compliment a young boy wearing a T-shirt that said, “Love to Hunt.” That family was enjoying a stay at Wilson’s, a nearby sporting camp.



The inviting pine interior of the Moose Pub had a large bar and ample seating on both sides, as well as outdoor seating. We might have eaten outside but for the fact that storm clouds were threatening. I chose a table near one of the walls that was entirely covered with cross cut log pieces. The wall looked like an art piece.

The menu held many interesting items but I quickly decided upon a Shredded Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. This was something new to me. It came with raw carrots and celery, chips and a pickle, but I was totally unprepared for the gigantic serving of shredded chicken on the roll. It was piled so high, and topped with lettuce and tomato, that I didn’t think I could fit it into my mouth.

Obviously I did, and it was packed with flavor due to a bath in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. George had a taste and his eyes lit up. “Wow that’s tasty!” he exclaimed. And even though his sandwich held more meat than I have ever seen in a reuben, he asked for another bite a bit later.

This pub certainly doesn’t skip on sandwich fillings. Most sandwiches here are $8.95, so they’re a real bargain. I had fun looking over the menu. Appetizers ranged from mussels and bacon wrapped scallops to pub food like chicken wings and pork wings, (shanks that are grilled and topped with chipotle BBQ sauce). Side dishes of veggies, marinated grilled asparagus and maple pecan sweet potato sounded great too.

We saw a lot of families with kids coming in for lunch and by the time we left most of the tables were full. What a great find this was.

Full Court Deli, Winthrop



Rick Lough’s Full Court Deli in Winthrop is a community gathering place with tasty breakfasts and lunches featuring New York-style sandwiches, something Rick missed when he moved to Maine to help his father in the egg business.

My favorite is Rick’s Reuben. When he settled here, Rick didn’t see any reubens on restaurant menus and, after opening the deli in 2002, customers would ask, “What’s a reuben? What is sauerkraut?” Well, they all know now.

On our latest lunch here, Linda and I both had reubens, and wow, were they good. I also love Rick’s Philly Cheese Steak, loaded with Boar’s Head steak, best I’ve ever had, including in Philadelphia.

The staff is friendly as are the customers here. My Dad loved Rick’s restaurant, and be sure to check out Dad’s painting of the deli, hanging next to the counter. Breakfasts are also great here. If you want an early morning meeting with my brother Gordon, be prepared to join him here for breakfast. Rick calls Gordon his “breakfast buddy.”

Geaghan’s Pub, Bangor



Linda and I stopped for lunch at Geaghan’s Pub in Bangor on our recent trip up to camp and again on our way home. Nope, we can’t drive by our favorite pub, which has been a favorite since we started writing this column in 2011. The Geaghans were recognized in 2016 as Restauranteurs of the Year by the Maine Restaurant Association for good reasons, starting with their great Irish food and wonderful microbrews.

I like lots of things on the menu, but one of us always has to order the incredible Buffalo chicken wings. They now sell 75,000 pounds of wings each year, an astonishing amount. I also love their Smiling Irish Bastard beer, named after their Irish cousin. I’ve always wanted to meet that guy.

The Geaghans opened a brewery in Brewer two years ago and now sell their beers all over the state — a real treat for all of us. I’ve enjoyed Smiling Irish Bastard in a lot of places. And don’t leave the pub without having their Bailey’s Irish Cream pie.

Maine State Music Theater


This week we’ll enjoy the performance of “Newsies” at the Maine State Music Theater in Brunswick. I’m certain it will be terrific, just like ever performance we’ve ever seen here.

If you are looking for a place to eat before the performance, go to, select Best of Maine and Brunswick, and you can read all about our favorite restaurants there.

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