AUGUSTA — Back to the Future of Tennis will be the theme of a multi-activity event set for 5:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 29, at A-Copi Tennis and Sports Center, Leighton Road.

The event will combine the old and new of tennis. The old will feature matches played with wooden rackets, white tennis apparel and white tennis balls. The new will feature POP tennis, which is the modern version of 100-year-old paddle tennis. Players also will have matches with modern rackets, yellow tennis balls.

White tennis clothes date back to the 1800s. Whites were especially proscribed for women because sweat seen through clothing was seen as unseemly. Men wore full length trousers, shirts and sweaters. Men’s shorts did not appear until 1932, but were not widely adopted until after WWII.

The Wimbledon tournament in England, long regarded as the epitome of tennis, still has a strict all-white tennis gear policy including shoes, headbands and overall dress.

POP tennis is played with shorter rackets, low compression tennis balls and a shorter court. Scoring is the same as regular tennis except players get one serve and serve underhand. There is a short learning curve for POP tennis and rallies are easy to sustain.

The club will provide players with the POP tennis rackets and have a good collection of wooden rackets.


Participants are encouraged to wear white tennis clothing.

There will be a cheese and chocolate fondue and beverages will be available.

Cost is $10 for gold members, $15 for silver members and non-members will pay for the tennis mixer and refreshments.

For more information, call A-Copi Tennis and Sports Center at 213-6286 or visit

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