General Dynamics, which owns Bath Iron Works, wants to keep $60 million of its workers’ witholding tax money. Bill L.D. 1781, introduced as an investment bill to the Maine Legislature by Rep. Jennifer DeChant (D-Bath) and Sen. Eloise Vitelli (D-Arrowsic) is a tax giveaway.

The witholding paid to the state by Maine workers and businesses is used to fund state services, including roads, education and aid to municipalities. That $60 million the state will not get will mean increased local taxes for all Maine workers.

When citizens voiced their opposition to Rep. DeChant about the giveaway, she emailed Sen. Vitelli and told her “they are trigger happy about corporate greed”.

General Dynamics is the world’s fifth largest defense contractor. Last year its CEO was paid $21 million.

Opposing a tax giveaway to General Dynamics is not being trigger happy. It is common sense.

Mark Roman


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