There is hope to be found in the shooting in Florida. Seventeen lives lost for no good reason, but watching the youngsters in that school band together and begin to form a movement makes my heart happy.

Nothing will bring back the innocent slain that day by a young man with a rifle; change will only be possible with the help of this younger generation taking it in their own hands to bring about that change. I hear the interviews with some of the children and they are far more savvy then most adults. They know their passion because of this useless slaughter and they intend to change the movement in this country. I support their movement 100 percent and bless them for doing it.

What all of us can do is contact our representatives both in Maine and Washington and join this movement and make sure this doesn’t happen again in our country. No parent should have to fear sending their child to school for fear of a shooting or other harm to them. Also, remember to vote in the next election and every one after that.

It is our duty to support these angels killed and those trying to make a difference. Too many deaths of youngsters at the hands of another with a gun. I am 76 and have grown weary of the same old line of some, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Yes, with a gun and no background checks. Let’s change that and support the youngsters all over the country who are taking up what should have been our job, but we failed at it.

Roberta Kelly


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