Shame on this newspaper for posting an attack on a high school team and the author for calling out a team for doing as instructed by their coach (“Visiting team a little too rowdy,” Feb. 18).

You may not approve, but keeping a team engaged and encouraging teammates is a coach’s decision and not the fans. That would be like me criticizing your team for being too aggressive and fouling frequently when they are coached to play aggressively, or criticizing fans for screaming, “You can’t do that” on a Richmond foul or, “Talk it over” at a timeout.

Decorum and sportsmanship are not determined by what gym you are in; they are common decency and courtesy shown to all. It’s important to not lose sight of the fact that these are young athletes on the court, playing their hearts out. They should be afforded decency in every gym by fans and opponents.

Throughout MVC gyms this year I have witnessed disturbing things from screaming, “Too fat to play” and asking for inappropriate acts to be performed, to time clocks not starting for 11 seconds. I am not calling out those players because they are kids. Use caution criticizing others as you (and no one) are every fully informed as to what is being done and said. My mother always said, don’t criticize someone’s children as you never really know what yours are doing; consider that.

Remember, basketball should be a game of finesse. My granddaughter comes home from games with scratches covering her arms without ever having visited the foul line. The days of watching a team play clean with great passing seems to be fleeting, which is sad.

The newspaper should have exercised editorial judgment and timing (tournament week) when sour grapes are being served.

Marion Hurley


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