I have a few ideas following the horrible shooting in Florida and all the talk about gun control. Background checks, I agree on. But the government a few years ago passed a bill to lift the ban on assault weapons. That is when the trouble started. Those weapons shouldn’t be sold, period.

To arm the teachers in school, I would say no to that. But do have a weapon stored at the main office, and have some of the teachers have access to that weapon.

When a person gets picked up a few times for either speeding or drunk driving, they lose their license for a while. A family may have a few guns in their home, either used for sport or hunting. If they have children, and their children make a threat either in person or online, and do get arrested, their parents should lose all of their weapons for good. That would put a scare into those kids, hopefully.

The Second Amendment says that we can keep and bare arms. But the NRA is taking it way too far. It means that we can own a gun to protect ourselves, or our country, not to buy every gun that goes on sale.

In closing, if children are abused, either by bullies at school or at home, they will find a way to release their emotions. Listen and talk to your children.

John Brown


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