FARMINGTON — Police say a Pennsylvania man is accused of helping a customer at a local dealership buy a car and acquiring the customer’s phone during the transaction.

He proceeded to send nude photos of the customer to himself, according to information posted on Farmington Police Department’s Facebook page.

On Tuesday, Farmington officer Jacob Richards arrested Kevin Rennie, 32, of Philadelphia, on a felony charge of aggravated criminal invasion of computer privacy.

Richards began an investigation after he spoke to a customer of Tinny’s Auto Outlet in Farmington on Monday who worked with Rennie when he helped her with the purchase of a car.

Tinny’s had hired a marketing firm to do a promotional event and Rennie was a subcontracted sales representative for the marketing firm, Deputy Police Chief Shane Cote said. The dealership has severed ties with the marketing firm.

Rennie was issued a no trespassing warning to stay off the property, Police Department secretary Bonnie Pomeroy said Tuesday.

A conviction on the charge is punishable by a maximum five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Rennie is being held in lieu of $10,000 cash bail at the Franklin County Detention Center in Farmington. If he does not post bail, he will appear before a judge Wednesday.


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