Aside from arrest records and a handful of Facebook posts, John Williams left few clues as to who he was outside of the man suspected of shooting and killing Somerset County Sheriff’s Officer Cpl. Eugene Cole.

A member of the Skowhegan Area High School class of 2007, Williams did not graduate with his class and it’s unclear whether he dropped out or moved to adult education classes, though at one point he was vice president of his sophomore class, according to school records.

Neighbors near his last known address — on Jones Street in Madison — said they knew little about the 29-year-old, who records indicate was born in Texas and who has a criminal history in Maine, Tennessee and Massachusetts.

According to his Facebook page, Williams lives in Orono and works at Smith Mountain Investments, an inspector of wooden utility poles, in Anson. A phone call and email to the business Thursday were not returned.

The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Williams, who is suspected of killing Cole early Wednesday. Authorities have spent the last two days searching for Williams.

On Thursday they offered a possible motivation for the killing, saying Cole had been involved days earlier in the arrest of Williams’ girlfriend, Kristina Pomerleau, on charges related to cocaine possession and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license.


Williams has Maine addresses dating back to 2005 in Norridgewock and a criminal history in Maine that includes a burglary he committed as a juvenile in 2006 and the theft of money from an Irving gas station in Fairfield in 2007.

On March 22, Williams and Pomerleau were stopped on Interstate 495 by Massachusetts police. The stop yielded four firearms charges and two driving offenses for Williams, who had been scheduled to appear in court in Massachusetts on the firearms charges on Wednesday this week.

That same morning, police believe, Williams shot Cole, stole his cruiser, committed a theft at the Cumberland Farms in Norridgewock and then went on the run after ditching the cruiser on Martin Stream Road in Norridgewock.

Williams’ last known address is listed as 16 Jones St. in Madison on the criminal complaint from Massachusetts.

No one answered the door Wednesday or Thursday at a home in Oakland believed to be that of Williams’ mother.

Police cruisers and armored vehicles spent hours Wednesday night outside the Madison address, a large bluish-colored home with plastic wrapped around the base.


On Thursday, the police presence was largely gone from the site. A young couple appearing to be in their 20s or 30s left the house late in the afternoon.

According to property tax records, the house belongs to Brian K. Moore Sr., of Dover-Foxcroft. Moore could not be reached for comment late Thursday.

The young woman leaving the house would not give her name but said her father owns the house.

She said Williams did live there, though he planned on moving out because he thought he would be going to jail after his scheduled court hearing in Massachusetts.

“I guess he’s in the woods now,” she said. “I don’t know what happened to him.”

Other neighbors on the street said they were unfamiliar with Williams.


“I really wish they would catch that (expletive) and put him in a room with Eugene’s friends and family and let them go at him,” said Kathy Cousineau, 61, who lives a few houses down the street.

Rolo Ruiz, who lives across the street and one house over from 16 Jones St., said that in general the house is rented out as an apartment and has a high turnover rate among its tenants.

“Nobody’s ever in that house long enough to really get to know them,” said Ruiz, 43. “It’s a pretty quiet street. You see people walking to the store and stuff, but that’s it. It’s just that house that people seem to rent, and they’re not there long.”

Williams’ Facebook page contains photos that show him with two friends at what appears to be a wedding and several photos of him smiling and standing with a young man dressed in a cap and gown at the University of Maine at Farmington.

According to the FBI, he also has at least eight tattoos, including the words “Seven Eleven” on his chest below his collarbones; the abbreviation “est” between his pectoral muscles; his last name, Williams, on his lower abdomen; and a small “safety selector” symbol on the back of his left hand.

He also has the words “Semper” and “Fidelis” tattooed on his upper right and left arms. “Semper fidelis” is the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps.


On his right forearm, Williams has “Molon Labe,” a Greek phrase meaning “come and take them” that is popular among proponents of the Second Amendment.

The most recent public posts on Williams’ page are that he started his job in Anson in 2017 and the pictures from the University of Maine at Farmington posted in May 2017.

Older posts dating back to 2012 mostly talk about relaxing on the weekend and spending time with family and friends, though a few mention firearms and recreational shooting.

On Dec. 21, 2012, Williams posted his thoughts on the end of the world. The date was interpreted as being that of the apocalypse forecast in an ancient Mayan prophecy.

“Well just in case shit ends tomorrow. Ive had a hell of a ride n grateful for all my friends and family,” Williams wrote. “Love u all with my life. N if shit gets real tomorrow im locked loaded and prepared so i wouldnt get in my way while i start the Nwock take over with the crew lol. Everyone is welcome to join our new world order. But I sincerely hope for a gradual decline in the world … Fingers cross 🙂 so, much love to everyone n dont miss the eclipse … history in the making.”

Portland Press Herald staff writer Matt Byrne and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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