I recently read that Father Francis Morin is stepping down as administrator of Augusta’s St. Michael Catholic Parrish (“Augusta Catholic parish leader who emphasized social service help retiring,” April 19).

So why is a Jewish guy writing about the retirement of a Catholic priest? It’s because of Father Morin’s consistent, principled, and passionate advocacy for the poor in the halls of the Maine Legislature.

Whenever an issue came before us involving hunger, health care for low-income people, or the homeless, I knew I was going to hear from Father Frank. Whenever I saw him in the Senate I knew I was about to be cornered, always with a smile, to make sure I would do the “right thing.” In his occasional morning prayer to begin our day, I knew I could count on him to urge us to put aside our differences and find the humanity in all God’s children.

I only hope that, in retirement, Father Frank will keep speaking up, preaching, and being the conscious of the community, no matter what our religious beliefs.

Sen. Roger Katz


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