I found your editorial headlined “Climate change policy: Pretend it doesn’t exist” to be so timely when looking back at my op-ed in your newspapers talking about the Committees of Know Nothings that I am dealing with (“Maine Compass: Why am I still a Republican?” Feb. 23).

Recently when the draft Maine Republican Party platform came out I noted there was no mention of dealing with global warming, so I submitted an amendment to have a plank added to do so. This was turned down, and I was advised that I could appeal, which I did — and it again was turned down.

I was then told that if I could get 10 convention delegates signatures from three counties by a deadline it would be brought up on the convention floor. I sent this out to 45 delegates in three counties that appear to me to be most affected by global warming and didn’t get a single signature.

I did get a response: “You have to be kidding!” And another with verbiage right out of The Global Warming Deniers Handbook.

So I ask again, why am I still a Republican?

Albert L. Godfrey, Sr., P.E.


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