We believe the following:

1) That too many people have access to guns despite the threats they have made to themselves or others,

2) That a reasonable way to decrease this number would be to institute a law which, with a court’s consent, would not allow a person to have a weapon, nor would they be able to buy one, while a judge’s ruling is in place.

There is such a law — the so-called “red-flag bill,” or “An Act to Create a Community Protection Order to Allow Courts to Prevent High-risk Individuals from Possessing Firearms.”

It is L.D. 1884, sponsored by many legislators, including Sen. Mark Dion, House Speaker Sara Gideon, Sen. Lisa Keim, Rep. Richard Malaby, Rep. Karen Vachon, Sen. Amy Volk, Rep. Beth O’Connor, Sen. Dawn Hill, Rep. Bruce Bickford, and Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross.

The Legislature adjourned without finishing work on this bill, but they could take it up in a later special session if one is called. The passage of the bill is of critical importance, not only to prevent suicides, but homicides as well.

We believe that a sensible approach may be the following:

1) Pass the legislation,

2) Educate the courts and judges in what is to be considered in this law (much like the domestic violence laws, with which a judge can restrict people’s rights temporarily).

By doing these things we, as a state, could protect spouses or partners, our children, and our students, from senseless acts of violence.

Our hope is that people will look into this issue, and support our legislators who stand up for L.D. 1884.

Richard Fein


Lisa Ledwidge


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