Karen Heck, Colby graduate and former mayor, and others have started a recall of the mayor of Waterville. Now Karen should know that this process is going to cost the taxpayers money. The simple way to accomplish the same goal is to vote him out at the next election — he does not have a lifetime position.

The main cause is the mayor said stupid things, as if other mayors have not. Also the things he said as far as I can see do not violate the freedom of speech guarantee the in the First Amendment. In my opinion they were stupid but not in violation.

Now with all the goings-on with this recall attempt, the city moves on, to all our benefit. If there is a fire, we have a fire department that would move to protect the people, just as the police department would do if called. We all know the results of the work of our public works department during this past winter.

All departments are super, but I have to pay particular attention to the school department. I have five children who have graduated from WHS. Based on the support and education they received at WHS, I have a nurse, a teacher, a lawyer, and two with engineering education.

Let’s pay attention to the people of the city that made all of this possible. I speak with some experience after having been part of the city for almost 50 years. But we have Mike Roy to protect us and we owe him super thanks.

Tom Brazier


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