I attended a house part for Chloe Maxmin last week and came away totally convinced that this is the person we should all want to be our state representative.

I was aware she was running but feared she might be too young. Boy was I wrong.

She is young, but she already has more years of relevant experience than most others. More importantly, she has a great track record and is committed to Maine and the issues the state faces. She is passionate, articulate, smart, well read and a good listener.

I asked her to tell us why we should prefer her over her opponent in the Democratic primary. She did not take the opportunity to say even a mildly hash word about him. Instead she nailed it with three reasons why she is a better choice: her experience, her track record, and her youthful energy.

Every now and then Maine gets a chance to elect someone that makes Maine proud. Some are Democrats, some are Republicans. Chloe is one of the rare breed we need to be a public servant. She would have my support no matter what party she represented. She is exactly what we need. I’m voting for her in the June 12 Democratic primary for District 88, representing Whitefield, Jefferson, parts of Nobleboro and Chelsea. You should too.

David Tracy Moskovitz


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