We posed this question to a random assortment of people in downtown Portland on Monday afternoon: If it were their last meal on earth, which of the city’s restaurants they would go to and what would they order. Here’s what they said:

Dee Davis, 22, of Portland says El Rayo Taqueria is her favorite for the Americano burrito.

El Rayo Taqueria for the Americano burrito. “It gives you hope again.”

– Dee Davis, 22, Portland

• Empire Chinese Kitchen for the eggplant and the green beans.

– Jenn Conway, 37, Portland

Jason Haskell, 21, of Portland likes the Mac Daddy at BRGR Bar.

BRGR Bar for the Mac Daddy. “Plus, it’s hard to find good fries in Portland, and they do it well.”

– Jason Haskell, 21, Portland

Pai Men Miyake for the tofu buns. “I’m vegan so I don’t have too many options.”

– Dela Murphy, 33, Portland

Sadie Lappin, 21, of Portland likes the honey walnut shrimp at Empire Chines Kitchen and the oysters with kimchi ice at Eventide.

• Either Empire Chinese Kitchen for the Honey Walnut Shrimp or Eventide for the oysters with kimchi ice.

– Sadie Lappin, 21, Portland

• DiMillo’s for chicken Parmesan.

– Mary Benjamin, 61, Portland

Kate Shubert, 18, of Waterboro says her favorite is RiRa for a classic Maine breakfast – for dinner – with potatoes, fried eggs and Applewood smoked bacon.

• RiRa for a classic Maine breakfast (for dinner). “Ten out of 10. I love their classic Maine breakfast with potatoes, fried eggs and Applewood smoked bacon.”

– Kate Shubert, 18, Waterboro

Sam Savaun, 22, of Portland would like to try the entire menu at Scales.

• The entire menu at Scales. “I haven’t been there yet but I’ve been wanting to … If I had only one more day, I would want to try something new. And I would order one of everything.”

– Sam Savaun, 22, Portland

Nick Pondelis, 27, of Durham says Anthony’s Italian Kitchen is his favorite for the veggie pizza with pepperoni.

• Anthony’s Italian Kitchen for the veggie pizza with pepperoni. “I’ve been going there since I was a kid. Loved to hit the Videoport and Bull Moose all at once. And there was a comic shop upstairs. It was a young nerd’s dream.”

– Nick Pondelis, 27, Durham

David Hulit, 29, of Portland likes Saeng Thai House for the pad siew.

• Saeng Thai House for the Pad Siew. “I’ve been going there for over a decade, and the women who own it are incredibly nice. They remember every customer who walks through their doors. If you’re feeling down, they give you the health benefits of each ingredient on the menu. It’s just their ethos; they didn’t do it to be trendy or anything.”

– David Hulit, 29, Portland

The Highroller Lobster Co. for the lobster taco.

– Kathy Fournier, 33, Portland

Yared Armstrong, 26, of Portland likes various items at Central Provisions – their desserts, goat cheese board and drinks.

• Various items at Central Provisions. “It changes every day, but their desserts are ridiculously good. They have a great goat cheese board and good drinks.”

– Yared Armstrong, 26, Portland

• DiMillo’s for the lobster.

– Lisa Lee Chambers, 39, Portland



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