I am 71 years old and a Vietnam vet. I consider myself, politically, to be center-left. I consider myself to be a patriot. Patriotism can be defined by many different words and actions. Of importance to me, it is defined by my belief that, should a person stand for something that I have fought vehemently against my entire life, it is my duty as a citizen to support that individual’s right to speak. Furthermore, and most importantly, it is my responsibility as a citizen and patriot to resist attempts to destroy that individual because of his or her beliefs.

I do not believe that David Alexander and others of his ilk share that same view of what defines patriotism (“Press joins together to whine about Trump,” letter, Aug. 21). This newspaper has consistently printed opposing points of view, particularly those that have been in opposition to a stance the paper has taken through its own editorials. I agree that the newspaper is more center-left in its editorials. However, I read the editorials written by those with whom I disagree. At times there are points within those editorials with which I agree.

I suggest to Alexander that the fact that our Constitution provides for free speech and a free press is the reason that an organization such as Fox News exists, even though it bears no resemblance to a news organization. It is clearly obvious that Fox and Sean Hannity, et. al., are his sole source of information. This is intellectually dishonest but safe for Alexander — he will never encounter an opposing point of view.

Andrew Schoening


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