The Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel have long impressed me as liberal tabloids and promoters of fake news long before President Donald Trump came to office. Much of the media around the country is also of a similar liberal bent. Thus, it is not surprising to see the newspapers join together with other liberal newspapers and cry about President Trump in unison (“Our View: A free press is the best defense against tyranny,” Aug. 16). Perhaps you cry together because the truth has been known to hurt.

It has been said that if one repeats a lie often enough, the liar begins to believe their own lies. If that is what is happening inside the liberal media, then I should have mercy for you. Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.

Nonetheless much of what you write from day to day is nothing more than preaching to your choir, as the majority of your readership, as evidenced by the letters to the editor, shares your daily liberal, dare I say socialist, point of view. Thus, there is little I could say that would change the minds of your readership.

Nonetheless, it was important for me to write this letter to remind you that not all of your readership buys into your spewing of liberal venom.

David Alexander


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