In one respect, President Donald Trump is correct and has been correct for a very long time. There is an ongoing “witch hunt” in our country, but he has consistently failed to acknowledge that, in contrast to the witches of the East and the West in “The Wizard of Oz,” Trump is the “Wicked Witch of the West” and Vladimir Putin is the “Wicked Witch of the East.”

This is, and has always been, standard Trump rhetoric. He accuses everyone else of every despicable thing that he and his cohort minions are guilty of themselves.

Also, congratulations to David Alexander of Augusta, who at least had the courage to write his letter to the editor complaining about the whining press and their bombastic treatment of Trump (“Press joins together to whine about Trump,” Aug. 21). Although I disagree with almost all of his comments and think that he needs to learn about the realities of the true role of the press as the Fourth Estate in our glorious free society, he does have the right to his own opinions in our free-speech society.

Bill Harmon


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