In regard to the controversy over the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, let me point out just a few facts.

1. Even before the announcement of the nomination, Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer of New York and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania had announced their opposition. They were quickly joined by 21 of their Democratic colleagues — before many of the judge’s records had been reviewed.

2. During the 2016 presidential campaign then-candidate Donald Trump made public the list of judges from which he would choose Supreme Court nominees. No candidate has ever done this.

3. As of Oct. 2, Kavanaugh has been the subject of seven FBI Investigations. Not one of them has turned up anything remotely resembling the accusations being hurled at him.

4. Not one of the scurrilous allegations against Kavanaugh has been shown to have any merit at all.

The Democrats’ strategy since Day One has been and continues to be obvious — delay a vote until after the upcoming elections in the hope that they regain the majority in the Senate to block the confirmation.


To gain this they have stopped at nothing, in the process setting new lows in character assassination and slander.

Somewhere Saul Alinsky is smiling, as is Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

Terence McManus

New Sharon

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