I would like to respond to Gene Graves letter to the editor in the Sept. 23 newspaper where he states it was the prayers of evangelicals that turned the election to Donald Trump (“Prayer turned election, and can do it again”).

No, it was the $55 million dollars evangelicals gave to Trump’s campaign, hundreds of millions from billionaires, along with Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin, who meddled in our election, that reversed the outcome.

Evangelicals knew Trump was an adulterer throughout three marriages, loves dictators and wants to be one, is a pathological liar, had a fake university, and apparently has never read the Bible nor led a Christian life, and that he values nothing that doesn’t increase his wealth.

Now the extreme right-wing Freedom Caucus controls the House of Representatives and like Trump they hate the poor. They refuse them a livable wage and continue to cut Medicaid.

Throughout the Old and New Testaments we are told to help the poor. They are loved by God. The rich, well, they will have to do much better. Republicans, have you given evangelicals a fake Bible?

I don’t know about evangelicals, but my Christian Bible tells me the root of all evil is the love of money — greed — and that’s what the Republican Party is about today. Trump’s “middle-class” tax cut was given to billionaires and corporations to the tune of $1 trillion and made them permanent, while the rest of us have to share half a trillion in cuts that will expire. This administration is doing Satan’s work.

Gloria Fleming


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