HALLOWELL — Following a City Council action Tuesday, Hallowell’s public property is formally open to street performances.

Meanwhile, any edits to the noise ordinance, which would outline downtown-specific rules, were tabled until February.

The council unanimously approved the third reading of a sidewalk art and busking ordinance, which was described by city officials as an invitation for performers to use the city’s sidewalks as a stage. There was no ordinance to discourage street performers previously.

Performers could use the streets from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Further restrictions include not operating at the boat launch, posing a public safety hazard or doing a fire-related performance downtown. Any acrobatic acts must stay 25 feet from the audience and have spotters.

The city’s code enforcement officer can create “busking free zones,” per the ordinance.

Performers are subject to the city’s noise ordinance, which was tabled for a few months after the committee decided the ordinance was not where it needed to be. The ordinance was criticized by local residents and musicians in October. The concerned parties did not believe an increase in the noise limit from 70 decibels to 80 decibels was warranted during peak hours.

The council unanimously approved putting off any changes to the city’s noise ordinance until next year.

Amendments to the sign ordinance and changes to the fee schedule for copies of documents at City Hall also went forward to second and third readings, respectively.

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