Following the Bush funeral services of farewell, I have a few questions come to mind.

According to candidate Donald Trump, John McCain was no hero because he “was shot down.” He ridiculed McCain’s service. Well, I guess that means that “H.W.” was no hero either.

What about the issues of war and peace? When Saddam Hussein seized Kuwait, H.W. organized allies and set Desert Storm in motion. Now, with our current president, Russian President Vladimir Putin siezes a whole chunk of the Ukraine and what happens? A much tougher target to be sure, but an invasion is still an invasion.

Or how about respect for those with physical disabilities? Trump mercilessly and crudely, on stage, mocked a reporter’s disability. But H.W. saw it differently and guided the Americans with Disabilities Act through Congress and signed it in to law.

Just to not ignore one more comparison, H.W. enlisted in the military out of high school and was flying in the Pacific a year later. Where were George W. Bush and Trump during Vietnam? Somehow, they both managed to avoid serving.

Where is this country headed? I do not like living in contempt of the president whoever that might be. I did not agree much with H.W. on the issues but never felt him contemptible. All that has changed for me now. The lying, exaggeration and stupidity out of this chief executive leads me to ask: Where is this country headed?

Stephen Aucoin


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