One is left with distaste and disgust when hearing a story of greed, lying, lack of smarts, and arrogance. This fairy-tale story of an ogre who loves only himself and abuses citizens can be found in Grimm’s book. But alas, we are being subjected to it now and have been for the last couple of years. A man who scowls, berates the minions, lies over and over again — Donald Trump.

Yet those in his kingdom excuse his abhorrent behavior. Staunce Republicans cower into inaction, fundamentalist religious leaders justify his un-Christian behavior toward all humanity, and corporate America is slow to react because of worship of profits at the expense of the masses. What do we Americans stand for if not to clean up the mess and rid ourselves of this aberration of a leader? We have begun by voting our conscience in the last election and awaiting all that special counsel Robert Mueller has to share with us. And to hear the truth without excuses and act to rid us of this black mark in American history.

That is what we Americans do: clean up the mess.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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