The Trump administration, through the Environmental Protection Agency, proposed regulations under the Clean Water Act on Dec. 10. The proposal would eliminate protections for small streams and wetlands under the law and would result in the severe rollback of many decades of federal regulation of water quality.

Since all water flows downstream, failing to maintain our small waters will result in significant degradation of our larger, navigable waters. Increased wetland loss will prevent those areas from continuing to provide flood protection in a time when increased flooding caused by climate change is expected by most of the scientific community and compromise the natural ability of those wetlands to cleanse our waters.

Failure to regulate our small streams and wetlands will further significantly degrade habitat for our fish and wildlife, including brook trout, waterfowl, and all other species that use wetlands and small streams for their homes. Anyone who cares about this issue should contact the conservation or environmental organization of their choice and get involved.

James Hynson


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