Hannah Duguie, co-owner, E+H Creates, Augusta

A creative and design services company

We have had a hard time defining exactly the services we offer because we love a challenge. The best advice we have ever received is: It is OK to not pigeonhole yourself in to specific services. Take each project as it comes and see if it is a good fit for you creatively.

Michael Rankin, co-founder, Definitive Brewing Co., Portland

Craft beer brewer

No matter what you’re doing, you give it your all, give it your best possible effort. I am fortunate to have parents (Wayde and Donna Rankin, of Manchester) and grandparents who instilled those values in me. It didn’t matter if I was playing baseball or starting a new brewery in Portland. We put together a strong team of people who give it their all, our opening weekend was successful and as long as we continue to give it our all, we’ll continue to be successful.

Taryn Marcus, co-owner, Sheepscot General Store and Farm, Whitefield

A farm, general store and cafe

Just keep going. That’s from Gloria Varney of Nezinscot Farm in Turner. She was one of my mentors early on. We (Marcus and her husband Ben Marcus) started the store and the farm seven years ago, and we didn’t have any business experience. We pretty much made every mistake in the book. Seven years later, we feel like we know something.

Terrill Waldman, partner and co-owner Tandem Glass Gallery and Studio, Dresden

Produces hand-blown glass and lighting

I think it would be to pay yourself first, which I don’t always follow. You have to set your priorities and you have to know what you want for it to materialize for you. I am still working toward it, but just having it there helps.

My younger brother, 10 years younger, gave me that advice. His name is Aaron Waldman.

Kristi Mann, president, Augusta Symphony Orchestra, Augusta

A non-profit community orchestra

We have a community orchestra, so people come and go. With the exception of the first two years I was involved, we have struggled to have string players. We have 35 to 40 members and it fluctuates by season and by music. The members are mostly adults, and half of them are toward retirement age. We are not a professional orchestra. We have teachers, doctors, a couple of students — not very many. The University of Maine at Augusta doesn’t have a string program. Colby (College) has a string program, but they have an orchestra up there. We may a get a couple of people who may play in both. Sometimes, we need ringers, so we may try to nab some string players.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

I want to say: Keep it simple. Or make it look as if it’s simple. I don’t know if I have had a lot of people give me advice. Phil Tedrick (board member, violinist) would be the person I have sought advice from.

Usually, I try to figure out how do I do the best job I can. I don’t try to complicate all of those tasks I have.

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