AUGUSTA — Cony Middle School has announced the following students were named to its second-quarter honor roll for the 2018-19 academic year.

Grade 8 — High honors: Emma Brown, Mia Cotnoir, Jasmine Day, Nathaniel Erb, Amanda French, Ayanna Goonesekere, Olivia Harden, Derek Harding, Kaitlyn Henry, Megan Houston, Venkat Madarapu, Kristin Merrill and Dinah Wadleigh.

Honors: Feed Abdulmohsin, Juliette Armstrong, Elijah Beland, Hallie Brown, Madison Chavarie, Max Daly, Aiden Fleck, Madison Jackson, Davis Kibler, Ayden Knight, Jordan Locsin, Alivia Maheux, Abigale Malone, Alexander Malone, Jasmyne Mills, Dalton Morang.

Also, Dominick Napolitano, Eli Orth, Jayda Oyster, Drew Parker, Maci Parks, Jasper Parrilli, Leo Savage, Rose Shaw, Kara Stelly, Molly Stiman, Avery Theriault, Ashley Tobias, Caleb Vose, Andrew Warhol, Lucas Wheeler and Gabrielle White.

Grade 7 — High honors: Abigail Bucknam, Morgan Cunningham, Raymond Dineen, Claudia Dunn, Maci Freeman, Maya Gould, Travis Harding, Kylee Huard, Cassandra Kromer, Brianna Madore, Adalyn Mann, Alexis Miller, Isaiah Schleis-Hooyman, Parker Sergent, Alivia St. Peter and Torrie Webber.

Honors: Ayman Al Rashid, Zahraa Al-Mansoori, Rawan Al-Tameemi, Allison Allen, Eliza Allen, Jeffrey Bickford, Michael Bilodeau, Zackary Blanchette, Wyatt Boynton, Matthew Dos Santos, Martin Ferrusca, Alexander Fournier, Eyslin Frecker.

Also, Ella Haynes, Brooke Hulford, Sequora Kelley, Kaylee Knight, Jon Lettre, Brandon Mastrianno, Ainslie Milewski, Jessyca Nadeau, Allie Neill, Anna Norris, Cohen Parker, Alexis Pattershall, Sera Perry, Jonathan Salgado, Hailey Smart and Michaela Webber.

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