The fourth annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah!, a celebration of winter activities and competitions for the entire family, was held Feb. 17 at Haley Pond and Rangeley Town Park, according to a release from the Skating Club and Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

Geoffrey Chase competes in the Cardboard Sled Race on Feb. 17 during the Fourth annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah! Photo courtesy of the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

The Skating Club and the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce teamed up to host the free event, which included skating, curling, pond hockey, fat tire bikes, snowshoes, kick sleds, horse and cart rides, marshmallow roast, snow golf, snow kite, snow castle and saucer bowling.

There also was a slate of pay-to-enter competitions with prizes awarded to winners in each competition. Competitions included Paloozathon Race, Dog Keg Pull, Cardboard Sled Race, Firewood Toss, Fat Tire Bike Race and the Paloozah Carry (a variation on the popular wife-carry event).

Winners of the competitions were:

Paloozathon Race: Men — Jeff Berman; and Women – Katie Pye.

Dog Keg Pull: Small Dogs — Celine Kuhn with “Brady”; Medium Dogs — Nancy and Gary Perlson with “Scout”; and Large Dogs — Echo McDonough with “Lulu.”

Cardboard Sled (Best Design) — Hunter White.

Cardboard Sled (Race) — Geoffrey Chase.

Firewood Toss: Men — Ben Samson; Women— Maureen Clancy; and Youth — Luke Gagne.

Fat Tire Bike Race: Amy Hediger.

Paloozah Carry: Zac Lounsbury and Mia Schulett.

Participants try their luck at saucer bowling Feb. 17 during the Fourth annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah! Photo courtesy of Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Agents from the Rangeley Border Patrol station were on hand to meet with participants, take photos and answer questions. Border Patrol Agent Anthony Atkinson said, “The Rangeley Border Patrol Station would like to thank everyone who attended the 4th Annual Winterpaloozah. We had a great time meeting everyone, taking pictures, and answering questions. We look forward to seeing everyone at many more of the upcoming events within Rangeley and the surrounding communities,” according to the release. Also joining the event and meeting with event participants were members and equipment from Rangeley Fire & Rescue.

Event co-organizer Karen A. Ogulnick, representing the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce, said, “A tremendous amount of planning goes into organizing an event with so many activities. The successful results reflect the hard word of a small, but highly dedicated group of people. The satisfaction is in seeing all of the people coming out and enjoying the day with friends and family,” according to the release. Linda Dexter, event co-organizer representing the Rangeley Skating Club, said, “Rangeley is a fabulous area for winter play. Haley Pond was covered with people having fun, a great sight to see. With the mountains as a backdrop, it looks like a scene out of vintage paintings,” according to the release.

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