BRUNSWICK — In the early stages of a criminal case against dog breeders facing dozens of counts of animal cruelty charges, a court has ordered that some of the dogs seized from a River Road home last year should be returned to their owners.

More than two dozen of the dogs went up for adoption in November 2018. That same month, Judge Maria Woodman decided in a civil proceeding that Robert and Nancy Enman can keep a cat, a bird and 7 of the 38 dogs seized from 1024 River Road. They were ordered to surrender 31 dogs and three goats.

Revised court documents Jan. 31 show they have 45 days from the return of the dogs to have all of the animals spayed or neutered, licensed, vaccinated and microchipped.

The couple is also subject to a lifetime of random check-ins at any residence they live in within Maine to check for compliance of these stipulations and on the welfare of the animals.

Woodman also ordered Nov. 5 that all four dogs seized from Kyle and Diana Enman should be returned immediately. The couple lived in a camper on the property when their pets were seized.

“The court has serious concerns with any animal residing with Callie, Robert or Nancy Enman,” Woodman wrote in the Nov. 5 order. “The dogs residing with Diana and Kyle Enman however, appeared and behaved very different from the ones at the main house.”

Brunswick police executed a search warrant Aug. 10, 2018 at 1024 River Road, home of Robert and Nancy Enman, both 61. Police found 44 dogs and a bird allegedly living in squalor. The animals were seized by authorities and the home condemned by the town’s health officer due to safety and sanitation concern. Three goats were taken later the same month.

Most of the dogs were a mix of small, popular breeds and ranged from six weeks to 13 years old. The puppies were being advertised for sale online for $500 each.

Court documents show that Nancy, Robert and Kyle Enman each face 41 counts of cruelty to animals, 37 counts of failing to give animal humanely clean conditions, 37 counts of failure to give animal necessary medical attention, and 37 counts of failure to give animal proper indoor shelter. All three are scheduled for dispositional conferences April 25 and have a jury trial set for May 28. No charges are listed for Diana Enman.

“The underside of the cages were full of feces, urine, and old food,” Brunswick officer Kerry Wolongevicz states in court documents. “A fan was running, however, it was not adequate ventilation and the room was extremely warm making the smell very potent.”

Police said there was a flea infestation. The dogs were taken to a local animal shelter and treated for some health conditions including ear infections, dental problems and skin issues, as well as some behavioral issues due to a lack of human interaction. All have since been adopted into new homes.

Callie Enman, 37, was ordered to surrender three dogs. She is scheduled for arraignment in West Bath District Court March 19 for charges of animal cruelty and endangering the welfare of a child.


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