Ten Ten Pié, a neighborhood bakery and market on Cumberland Avenue that specialized in European pastries with an international – often Japanese – flair, has permanently closed, the owners announced on their Instagram page.

The bakery had been closed since at least Wednesday.

Markos Miller, who owned the nearly five-year-old business with baker Atsuko Fujimoto, wrote that Ten Ten Pié had been “such a wonderful and rewarding experience.”

“Keep doing what you’re doing to help local food, local business, and local community flourish,” the post said.

Miller, a former Deering High School teacher, and Fujimoto, who previously worked in the kitchens at Miyake, Standard Baking Co. and Fore Street, opened the bakery and lunch spot in 2014 at 171 Cumberland Avenue, once home to DiPietro´s Italian sandwich shop.

Fujimoto’s food was beloved by the bakery’s loyal customers, who shopped there for everything from French macarons to savory hand pies and take-out lunches with a Japanese accent that were served bento box-style. The Double Chocolate-Sake Cake, just two to three small bites, was devastating, and the onigiri (rice ball) a healthful, perfect late-afternoon snack. The market sold a small and eclectic selection of groceries and snacks.

In 2018, Ten Ten Pié was among the businesses praised in the Bon Appetit article that named Portland Restaurant City of the Year. “Ask yourself: What is Ten Ten Pié? A French bakery? Japanese market? Bento box café?” the magazine’s then Deputy Editor Andrew Knowlton wrote. “It doesn’t matter – I’m a fan of baker Atsuko Fujimoto (that rhubarb tart!) and Markos Miller’s eclectic general store, whatever it is.”

Contacted Monday, Miller confirmed that the bakery would not be re-opening. He declined to elaborate on why it had closed.

“There are matters to sort out at this point, and I’m not able to discuss the situation right now,” he wrote in an email.

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