If you’ve been following our forecasts since the weekend, you already know that today will be the nicest day for a while.

A few things to consider, before getting into the details:

1) If you’re outside for a while today, use sunscreen. We’ll have 100% of the possible sunshine, and our sun angle is equal to late August!

2) 1 to 2 inches of rain is possible between Thursday and Sunday. While that alone won’t cause flooding, combine it with melting snow in the mountains, and we’ll have to watch the rivers and streams for issues.

3) Tides are astronomically high this weekend. While we’ll avoid big issues, some splashover and inundation of the typical spots is expected.

Now the details:

Thursday will be mostly cloudy, and as a warm front lifts into the area, showers will develop. These will be most numerous inland and most likely in the afternoon.

It’ll be damp everywhere Thursday night, with mist, drizzle, fog and a few showers.

This type of a weather pattern can sometimes look worse on your weather app or on a 7-day forecast than it actually will be.

We’ll have a lot of clouds Friday, but also plenty of dry hours. In between the warm front and cold front, we’ll be in the “warm sector,” so any breaks of sunshine will boost temperatures into the 60s. The coast will probably stay in the 50s though.

The wettest day looks like Saturday, with showers and downpours moving through at times.

I’m optimistic this upper-level low will lift out of our area Sunday afternoon. Sometimes these pesky lows can linger for days and days, but we may get lucky this time, with only a few days of dismal weather.

Right now, I have showers in the forecast for Sunday morning, but there could be improvement in the afternoon with breaks of sunshine.

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