I voted for Gov. Janet Mills with a confidence that she carries the heart of Maine in all her decisions. In a recent article about her commitment to fight climate change (“Mills vows more than just hot air on climate change,” April 21), Mills opined about the aspects of life in Maine she fears may not exist for Mainers of the future. She said they “may not know the state we call home,” and they may not hear “the singsong call of a back-capped chickadee.”

I am grateful for her stand on climate change, but I disagree with her decision to support Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect project in western Maine, a project that our neighboring states of New Hampshire and Vermont wisely and bravely rejected, and which will surely deliver environmental damage — the very damage she seeks to avoid through her efforts to save Maine from climate change. This decision most surely is inconsistent with her goal for the future of Maine.

I encourage Gov. Mills to rethink the CMP project, to retract her approval of this project, and to remember the “Maine she loves.”


Elizabeth M. Cooke

Rangeley and Hallowell

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