WALES — Oak Hill High School recently announced its class of 2019 graduates.

They are: Courtnie Akers, Isaac Austin, Leland Bailey, Ethan Barnett, Destiny Barrett, Alexis Bean, Cole Beaule, Kohl Benziger, Gabriel Bergeron, Samantha Blanchard, Alexander Bouffard, Dominic Bourgoin, Makenzie Breton, Jacob Brooks, Mikayla Buckmore, Benjamin Burgess, Connor Burns and Zoe Buteau.

Also, Christopher Campbell, Dokota Caswell, Owen Cavanagh, Gracie Chasse, Haley Chenard, Jada Collins, Reid Cote, Emma Curtis, Catherine Daigle, Abigail Davis, Andrew Day, Abriana Deslauriers, Marshal Devoe and Casey Dion.

Also, Matthew Eaton, Gilson Edwards, Jonathon Emerson, Alexis Faucher, Delaina Ferrell, Molly Flaherty, Aaron Ford Jr., Brady Foxe, Robert Francis and Colin French.

Also, Searra Gauthier, Dalton Gendron, Rachel Gilbert, Brandon Glover, Alexander Goulet, Maggie Grayson, Thomas Grayson Jr., Ashley Green, James Greenwood, Haley Gunn and Kaitlin Guy.

Also, Abigail Haines, Jennifer Hall, Danielle Harrington, Desteny Hayes, Sarah Herbert, Alexis Hilliard, Alden Kelly, Devon Kelly, Christina Kirk, Madison Koch and Miranda Kramer.

Also, Troy Lafata, Caleb Laliberty, Adam Lapointe, Joseph Libby, Alani Lindsay, Rachel Lovell, Sandy Mann, Jayson Martin, Xavier Michaud, Logan Michel, Taylor Moore, Noah Moring, Sara Moring, Kelsea Mulherin and Rehshaun Musoke.

Also, Abigail Nadeau, Jamie Nemeth, Hannah Ouellette, Zachary Ouellette, Alyssa Parent, Shyann Pessant, Lesley Pinard, Makayla Pollard, Austin Redmun, Ethan Richard and Kaylei Robichaud.

Also, Hayley Salger, Taylor Schidzig, Mahala-Dineh Smith, Cassidy Spencer, Magnolia St. Germain, Alexandrea St. Hilaire, Breanna St. Hilaire, Justin St. John, Susan Stinson, William Stinson, Jade Sturtevant and Braedin Swift.

Also, Mackenzie Thibeault, Caleb Treadwell, Collin Walker, Jonathan Walker, Olivia Washburn, Sadie Waterman, Eliza Whisenant and Heath Woodrum.

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