The Kennebec Land Trust has announced its newest project of purchasing and permanently conserving 330 acres in Fayette, including the top of 600-foot Surry Hill. This extensive property features more than 250 acres of forestland, streams flowing into local lakes and ponds, valuable wetlands, and scenic views.

This new community conservation property will provide many recreational opportunities, including hiking, snowmobiling, hunting, mountain biking and nature observation, according to a news release from the trust.

Location of Surry Hill Communitiy Forest – 330 acres in Fayette. Photo courtesy of Kennebec Land Trust

This ambitious effort also is an inspiring and hopeful example of how land trusts and other conservation owners are making a big difference in the world. Undeveloped land sequesters carbon — a natural climate solution.

KLT plans to maintain approximately 15 acres as open fields to preserve scenic views of the White Mountains and nearby hills, lakes and woodlands. The Surry Hill fields also offer blueberries for hikers and habitat for pollinators, ground-nesting birds, and resident and migratory raptors.

Members and supporters, including one anonymous large donor and Camps Winnebago, Laurel, and Vega, have already pledged or donated $188,680 as of June 12. In order to complete this conservation project by the end of October, KLT needs to raise an additional $102,000 through private donations and grants, according to the release..

Join KLT this summer to walk the land and take in the views. Walks are scheduled at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, July 11, and at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 26. Meet at the bus turnaround at the south end of the Tom Surry Road in Fayette.

For more information or for directions, call KLT at 377-2848, or visit Note: At this time, there is no formal trail system.


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