The Waterville Public Library recently asked for a significant increase to its yearly budget in order to cover maintenance expenses and other issues with the building (“Waterville Public Library officials ask city for $214,000 increase,” April 30). The number of community members who turned out to show, and even voice, their support was impressive, and I wanted to take this opportunity to add my own and encourage others to do the same by appealing to their city councilors.

Full disclosure: I am a member of the library’s board of trustees, but I serve on the board because I believe in the mission of public libraries and feel strongly about the good work our library does for the community. When we talk about it, we tend to focus on things like the resources the library provides for parents and their children and how it partners with local business to serve people who are looking for employment, and these things are crucial for strengthening our community.

But I would like emphasize more broadly that the public library is there for everyone in the community. It cannot only provide an internet connection for someone who might not otherwise have access, but it is also there for someone who may just want to pick up something to read on a trip. Its resources are there to help students with their homework or for those who need to check out a useful article in a professional publication.

The Waterville Public Library is a national award-winning institution that provides a tremendous return to all residents of Waterville, and it deserves the support of our community.


Mark Wardecker


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