The residents of Waterville are constantly faced with choices. I think residents should choose to welcome the new hotel to be built on the empty lot that was home to Levine’s and Federal Trust. Like it or not, they are gone and we should move on with improvements.

Residents, think back, close your eyes and picture Main Street just four years ago. From the corner of Temple down the block to Joe’s Smoke shop had two open businesses. Across the street where the Colby dorm sits was parking places, but truly no stores there, so it was used by employees.

Now, the block is greatly developed and we have 200 students living downtown. Waterville has two types of residents with two choices to make. Keep the empty lot at the end of Main Street and parking places that you can easily find, or create change and development. Do you want to stop progress and have everything stay the same, including the tax base, or do you favor improvements that attract people?

Colby has been that boost Waterville needs. They are considerate to take public input. To those that constantly speak out at meetings and in online comments, imagine if you were painting your house and a group of opinionated people approached you saying, “No, too many windows in that house and green doesn’t fit the area!”

I welcome businesses that want to come to Waterville. I will gladly park in one of the spots downtown.


Steve Soule


(The write is a former Waterville city councilor.)

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